Ant Course 2014: Borneo

Want to learn more about ants? A lot more? Check out Ant Course 2014!

The next ant course is going to be held July 21-31, 2014 in Borneo’s Maliau Basin, which is located on Sabah.

Yes, this would be a tough place to visit. (Cool invertebrate footage starts about 2:23).


What kinds of ants might you encounter? Brian L. Fisher has complied a key entitled The Ants of Borneo, which is available on Blurb. (See the free preview, available full screen).



He covers 96 genera, from Aenictus to Tetraponera. Can you say biodiversity?

Ready to go?

Although the course is open to everyone, priority will be given to students. Check the Ant Course website for details.

Deadline:  April 1, 2014

Be sure to let me know if you take the course.