Planet Ant by BBC

Have you seen this yet? They have taken an entire leafcutter ant colony and placed it into a very large, very cool ant farm.

Planet Ant – Life Inside The Colony by the BBC. Enjoy!

ASU Video of Pogonomyrmex barbatus mating swarm

It is often easy to find winged queen and male ants leaving the nest for their mating flights.

It is a whole different experience to actually see the mating swarm. If you have never seen a Pogonomyrmex mating swarm, the Social Insect Research Group at Arizona State University has a very cool video of a Pogonomrmex barbatus mating swarm on their website. (Note:  it does take a long time to load).

Let me know what you think.

Ponerine Ants in ESA Contest Video

Have you checked out the videos that have been submitted to the Entomological Society of America’s 2012 video contest yet?

Marlin Rice has entered a video entitled Ants Africa, showing some ponerines raiding termites:

I would say it is the best one of the group so far, but you know about my bias for ants.

Interested in the contest?  At least one person who is submitting a video to the contest must be an ESA member. The videos are being submitted to one of four categories:  research, teaching, extension and open. Winners from each category will receive $200.00 and a trophy. The deadline is coming up fast, midnight (EST) Monday, September 17, 2012.

For more information and rules, see ESA YouTube Contest