What’s So Great About Ants?

Imagine an animal that can

  1. - hang upside down from a plate of glass holding 100 times its own weight and not fall

  2. - survive crawling across the sand of the Sahara Desert when the temperature is a scorching 140° Fahrenheit, without being fried

  3. - safely swim through a pool of deadly ooze that kills any other insect that falls in

  4. - sew, garden and sumo wrestle without any hands.

What is this creature? Is it a superhero? No, it’s an incredible, amazing, wild and wonderful ant.

Ants are phenomenal, extraordinary creatures. Scientists are just beginning to understand some of the things they do and what they are capable of accomplishing. New discoveries are being made every day to show how important ants are to humans. Could we survive without ants? The answer is becoming clear that ants perform so many functions that our world would be damaged beyond repair if we somehow managed to remove all of them.

Are you skeptical that ants can be important to the environment? Years ago people started noticing that wildflowers in Massachusetts were disappearing and wondered why. One researcher noticed that the number of ant colonies in the same areas had also declined, due to spraying of insecticides for gypsy moth control. With a little careful work he was able to show that a surprisingly high percentage of wildflowers rely on ants to distribute their seeds. When the ant colonies died, no wildflowers were being planted and so they disappeared too.

Surprised? Ready to find out more? This website is going to take you deep into the world of ants.