What Bumble Bees Can Tell You

Check out this shrub I discovered during a recent visit to western New York.


It had pink tubular flowers and variegated leaves.


It appears to be a Weigela, perhaps Weigela florida ‘Variegata.’


The flowers varied in color from basically white to very dark pink.


Although the flowers of other species of plants in the area were visited by a variety of insects, it was immediately apparent that these flowers are particularly attractive to bumble bees. There might have been a carpenter bee or two as well, but basically large, robust bees.


Regardless of the fact it was overcast, windy and raining at times, the bumble bees continued to visit.


Watching the bumble bees, I began to see a pattern.


Did you spot it right away?


Turns out that what I noticed has been verified in another species of Weigela.

Do you see the pattern I noticed? Let me know what you think it is.


Edit:  The answer is now posted.

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