School of Ants Essay Contest for Students

Do you remember School of Ants?  It is the ongoing citizen science project where participants can collect backyard ants and send them in for identification.

Now School of Ants is sponsoring a writing contest for students, with the deadline coming up soon.


  • Open to any student studying ants
  • Essay should be between 300 and 600 words in length
  • Be sure to include a short biography of author with photo
  • A photograph illustrating the essay topic may also be added (optional)
  • Multiple submissions are accepted
  • First prize is $500
  • Runner-up essays may be published on website
  • Deadline is Sept 1, 2012

See School of Ants for submission guidelines. Be sure to spread the word to your starving students!

The School of Ants is still accepting ant samples, as well. It is definitely a child-friendly project. This video shows you how to get started.

Have you sent in an ant sample already? What did you find out?

Post about my participation

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