Wild About Ants Has Returned!

After one very long month with much hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth, Wild About Ants has been restored and the comments are working again. Yay!

I need to thank some people for their invaluable assistance:

Terry – I owe you a couple of pizzas, or maybe even a pizza franchise. Thank you for making this blog possible again.

Karen and Bill – You are the best. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude.

Jason Driskell and the fine support team at Online Backup for WordPress for decrypting the backup that made the restoration possible.

All the support personnel at our server who answered innumerable questions (although some of them seemingly in a foreign language :-)).

To my family, who have patiently listened to me rant against computers for the last month.

Also, thanks to you Facebook Followers who inspired me to keep trying.

Now let’s get talking about ants again!

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