Distracted by Leafcutter Bees

With all the flowers in bloom, it is hard not to be distracted by bees.

Take this leafcutter bee.

How can you ignore a bee that can cut a leaf like this?

Within seconds the leaf is processed.

The last cut…

and off it goes.

In case you were wondering, the plant is a dwarf pomegranate.

I was actually looking for bees performing a different behavior, but I haven’t managed to get that on film yet.

Maybe later in the week.

Edit:  More information about leafcutter bees.

3 Replies to “Distracted by Leafcutter Bees”

  1. Leafcutter BEES? What do they do with the leaves? Cultivate fungus like leafcutter ants do? (But what would bees do with fungus? I’m confused.)

  2. They roll it up and then stuff it with some honey and pollen to feed their offspring.
    I guess one could say that not even didn’t insects discover farming etc. a long time ago, they also invented the first wrap.

    for examples see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megachile

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