Ants in Winter: Part 2 Pogonomyrmex in Arizona

In the last post, I looked at carpenter ants overwintering in upstate New York.

Here is Chandler, Arizona the temperatures the day this was taken ranged from a low of 45° F (7° C) to a high of 78° F (26° C). What are the ants doing here?

Any activity at this Pogonomyrex harvester ant nest?

Can you see the ant coming out of the nest entrance?

Looks like a bit of housecleaning.

Most of the workers were coming out of the nest carrying debris.

The ants were moving about six to eight inches from the entrance and depositing.

What are ants doing where you live?

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  1. I am also wondering which species. This is an unusual entrance form to me and I do not know Pogonomyrmex desertorum.

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