Circus of the Spineless: Call for Posts

Do you ever blog about invertebrates? Have you heard about Circus of the Spineless?

Circus of the Spineless is a blog carnival that started in 2005 to bring together bloggers who have an interest in animals without backbones. We’re hosting #69 here at Wild About Ants this month, and would love to see a recent post from you. Just send an email with your link to wildaboutants (at) gmail (dot) com and put “Circus of the Spineless” in the subject line.

Whether they crawl, swim, squirt or slither, send your posts this way! Edit:  If you could get them to me before Jan. 1, that would be great.

To see past carnivals:

Last month’s carnival was at Dave Hubble’s Ecology Spot.

#55 was here, called Museum of Invertebrate Art

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