Just a few updates today.

The October Circus of the Spineless is up at Wanderin’ Weeta. Fun to read, as always.

Also wanted to report two items that turned up almost exactly a year ago. Last week I saw the same kind of silverfish that I found in the opening of harvester ant nests again. I looked it up and I saw them last year in the first part of September. No better photographs than last year, but it was also in a harvester ant mound.

Two weeks ago I saw another “meet and greet” by rover ants. The first time I saw that October 10 last year. I’d really like to find out more about that behavior.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

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  1. Roberta,

    I found one reference that mentions silverfish being found in Pogonomyrmex barbatus nests, but no other info. I’ll try to find out more…

  2. It sure looks similar. It’s amazing to me that something so very small would have any complex behavior, but those rovers are constantly surprising me.

  3. Was the silverfish in question a goldish one (a goldfish!)?

    I have seen a golden firebrat associated with several species of ants, including , Lasius, Crematogaster and even the introduced Tetramorium tsushimae, here in Missouri.

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