Halfway Through July

The NaBloPoMo July 2011 challenge is now half way through. How are things going at Wild About Ants?

A Lot of Swimming:

  • I’ve managed a post every day so far in the month of July
  • A lot of exciting things are happening in the ant world, so there is more to report
  • Wild About Ants has a new page on FaceBook – see over there in the right sidebar —->

A Bit of Sinking:

  • Quality of some of the posts has suffered due to tight deadlines.

So, more swimming than sinking, which is hopeful. Thank you for bearing with this blogging experiment, and remember, the month will be over soon 🙂

News today:

The newest Circus of the Spineless blog carnival is up at The Artful Amoeba and ants have top billing. That is, right after the Vellela vellela. (I love that name.)

One Reply to “Halfway Through July”

  1. Sorry, but I’ll have to ignore all this “Circus of the Spineless”-thing (though it be brilliant), but have to thank you very, very much especially for the one blog about the Army Ants. Not only was I touched by the gesture, it was very helpful and was promptly posted in the main German AntForum (www.ameisenforum.de).
    Apart from that, your pace is breathtaking this week, and I have hardly time to follow all the sidelines and byways I would like to explore reading your articles. So please accept, that I have not seen nor noticed any sinking at all. And then: Some sinking might be diving, or at least could get the able and willing to dive.
    So please just go on with your remarkable work – and it is quite some work, next to something called “real life” (some might remember dimly) and work that pays the bills!

    And, please, just be bold enough to stay your good self, s.v.p..

    Regards, Ossein.

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