Ants Springing Up

To celebrate a bout of spring fever, let’s take a look at ants around the Internet.

Although we don’t often think about it, rain from those April showers is a real hazard to insects as this photograph shows.

Now I like ants, but I think this guy, who decorated his car with ants, is taking things a bit far.

Hope you are having a lovely spring.

4 Replies to “Ants Springing Up”

  1. Sorry, dear Roberta, but the second hyperlink does not seem to be right, at least I can only see the entrenched ant – a beautiful picture, all the same! As my wife went crazy over decorating her car, I would still like to know where to find the antmobile…
    I do hope you enjoy the spring every bit as much as we do here Düsseldorf – it’s just pure heaven, walking along in the sunshine and watching ants at every corner doing the same…
    Thanx a lot and a bright beam of sunshine to you!

  2. Please think “entrenched” as “drenched”, does make a little more sense…
    Regards, Ossein.

  3. Ossein,

    Good to hear from you. Thank you for letting me know about the link, I think it should be good now.

    How are the Camponotus?

  4. I so totally want that car!

    And indeed nice to see the ants up and about. Prenolepis imparis flew about a month ago here in eastern Missouri, and I saw Nylanderia (a.k.a. Paratrechina) terricola flying around noon yesterday in 80F weather following a morning rain.

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