Mystery Creature

How well do you know your fauna?

What is this creature?

And why am I featuring it on my ant blog?

It is about two 1/2 inches long. I had never seen one before, but I knew what it was from its behavior. Looking through the microscope at its outer covering, I saw I was right. What did I see?

I’ll post the answers on Tuesday.

5 Replies to “Mystery Creature”

  1. It looks like a Slender Blind Snake, AKA Worm Snake. I’ve never seen one before, but as a kid it was one of those things I always hoped I would find. If my guess is wrong, I can still safely say that I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  2. Scales are my guess as well. It would be easier to tell with video, but even in the photos, the “posture”(?) seems more snake like than worm like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a snake smaller than 10cm, so that is a very cool find. 🙂

  3. You are all experts, that is for sure. Yes, it is a tiny blind or worm snake, and yes, I saw scales.

    Alex, I wish I had a good video camera, because the video would have shown that it moved like a snake. It was mind bending at first to see something you expected to act like an invertebrate show such obvious cognition.

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