Forelius Ants on the Move

Sometimes it is hard to conceive how much ants move their colonies around. For example, this week a fairly large Forelius colony showed up in our yard.

Forelius are incredibly fast.


They do slow down when they find something interesting, like this dead honey bee.


What is on the honey bee’s wing? It had just rained so there’s water condensation.


I guess it could be refraction, but it looks almost like paint.


We also found the little ants will slow down for honey. Talk about exploding ants 🙂

I hope these stay for awhile.

Any ants on the move in your area?

3 Replies to “Forelius Ants on the Move”

  1. You mean other than the ones in my house? We saw a bunch pouncing on a strange blob of some sort of animal deposit. I hate to be so vague, but I really don’t know what it was. Regardless, the ants LOVED it.

  2. LOL! Well, I was thinking more of colonies, ie. nests.

    Our Forelius ants seem to have moved on again. Perhaps the fire ants are too hard on them.

  3. I am watching what I think are Forelius munch on some my cracker crumbs right now on my lunch break here in Tucson. They are tiny, much smaller than some of the black ants nearby, but they sure are efficient! So far able to keep the larger black ants at bay. Very fun to watch them work!

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