Surprise! Camponotus festinatus

It finally rained in Arizona. But last week, before it rained, I chased out a bunch of Camponotus festinatus by watering the front yard with a hose.

Cool, there are males with the workers.


Males are usually dark colored, so it was interesting to see golden yellow ones.

In my haste to get a few photographs. I didn’t really notice the other ants around the males.


Like that really big soldier. What’s up with her?


Once I was back inside and the ants had retreated I downloaded the photographs and took a look. Hum, wing-scars on the alitrunk.

Blame it on the heat…

For more about Camponotus festinatus, see this previous post.

Have you ever missed the obvious while shooting photographs?

2 Replies to “Surprise! Camponotus festinatus”

  1. Some of my best discoveries were made in front of the computer while looking at photos I had just taken. Can’t do without my digital camera. Beautiful color on those ants.

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only one.

    I know what you mean about your camera. I’m nervous because mine started making weird clicking noises yesterday.

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