Can a worker ant become a queen?

I have an ant question!

I have an ant farm with Little Black ants but not a queen. can one of the ants become a queen?



I’m afraid once an ant becomes an adult ant, it can no longer change form or shape. It can’t shed its skin or grow.

Adult worker black ants can not become queens, and the worker ants can not lay eggs that will become queens either.

There are a few types of ants where special workers become “queens,” but those ants are much more like wasps, and you wouldn’t want to keep them in a regular ant farm. If you’d like a more detailed explanation, check the ant queen development post.

How are your little black ants doing? I hope they are doing well.

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  1. I just started an ant farm but don’t have a queen, I don’t know where to get one. I might have 2 but they could also be soilder ants, I’m not sure. Can my ants become queens? Also most of the ants seem tho be having fighting compotitions. There from the same colony but I don’t know if there acully fighting or doing something else. They havn’t killed one another so what are they doing?

  2. If the two ants are from the same colony then they shouldn’t be fighting. What exactly do they do? Do they bite at the legs or antennae? That is typically how ants fight.

    Do you know what it looks like when ants exchange food? Could they be doing that?

    If they are actually queens, however, then they might fight.

  3. The smaller ants were what looked like fighting. They were kind of in balls with one another (grabing each others bodyparts and walking around or staying in one place for 1-3 days) until one of them died. I have a few that are dead know and one of the bigger ones died without doing that. There pretty good now though. And they were from the same colonie. Also a few days after I went back to there old colonie and took some eggs. There treating them like theres, how long dose it take for them to hatch though.

  4. I Am making a ant farm and I don’t know how to find a queen, can you help me find out where to look, please?

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