Circus of the Spineless Carnival is Up

The February Circus of the Spineless Carnival 48:  The Cabinet of Curiosity is up at Matthew Sarver. The Circus of the Spineless celebrates all kinds of invertebrates.

If you are interested in the relationship of ants and blue butterflies, be sure to check Steve Willson’s post about Edward’s Hairstreak Pupa at Blue Jay Barrens. The Blue Jay Barrens is in southern Ohio.


2 Replies to “Circus of the Spineless Carnival is Up”

  1. Roberta – Thanks for visiting my Blue Jay Barrens blog and leaving the nice comments. I’ve always had a fascination of ants. No matter what I study at Blue Jay Barrens, the ants seem to be involved.

  2. Yes, ants do get around don’t they? Your Blue Jay Barrens looks like a wonderful place to study and observe nature.

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